Tuesday, June 8, 2010


South County celebrating the final score at the Red Bull Rivals. Photograph by Julia Borysewicz.
San Diego's South County and Ocean Beach Surf and Skate Claim Victory at the 2010 Red Bull Rivals Surf Competition

Last Saturday, Red Bull Rivals brought shoulder to head high sets throughout the day. Scores were close and the rivalry heated up as the day went on, but South County came out on top. Team captain of the winning south county team Josh Morse says, "Red Bull Rivals was a super unique format that brought out the best talent in both regions but more than anything it boosted South County's camaraderie as well as the team's confidence. It also legitimized our representation within the surf industry."                

Final result:
North County: 144.5
South County: 153.0.
Jeremy Sommerville for North County brought in the highest scoring wave of the day with a 9.0 after hitting three big backside snaps. Second highest scoring wave coming from North County from Sean Marceron with an 8.5 with three backside turns all the way down the beach. Highest combination score of the day goes to South County's Layne Harrison with a combined score of 22.0 with an 8.0 following it up with a 7.0
 South County Surfer, Julian Mullins during the Red Bull Rivals. Photograph by Julia Borysewicz.

The Red Bull Rivals format is ten man-on-man heats with tag team format. 20 minute heats with a maximum of five waves and the top two scoring waves going to teams overall score. Losing team gave up four surfboards to the winning team to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Surfrider Foundation. Red Bull professional surfer Jamie Sterling says, "Red Bull Rivals was a ‘nice’ way to pit both counties against each other, but deep down inside these guys were going for blood."    

South County Team:
Julian Mullins, Layne Harrison, Kyle Knox, Nick Jiampa, Mark Schneider Jr., Justin McBride, Jordan Gaudet, Nick Kovack, Josh Morse, & Nate Cintas. 

North County Team:
Jeremy Sommerville, Zach Rhinehart, Steven Moore, Cooper Jones, Austin Ware, Adam Knox, Sean Marceron, Darrell Goodrum, Shey Yates, & Eric McHenry.             

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