Monday, November 1, 2010

Ocean Beach Surf and Skate Expands!

Have you been in the new Ocean Beach Surf & Skate? On Monday, September 27, after closing, we began the renovations to the building that would bring down the wall dividing our retail space from the rest of the edifice. Instead of occupying only the western 2,700 square feet, we are now in the whole 7,000 square foot space. When we moved less than a year ago from up the street, owner Rodger Caldwell knew that there was huge potential with the space. For about 10 months we operated in approximately the same size shop as our old 4881 Newport Avenue location, and Caldwell knew we were bursting at the seams and recognized the need for immediate expansion.

Staff came in practically around the clock to aid in tearing down the wall, touching up paint, cleaning, and anything and everything else that went into the expansion. Two days after shutting, we opened in our new incarnation at 4976 Newport Avenue in time for the Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, September 29, at 3 p.m.

If you have not yet seen our new space, we invite you to come check it out! The new OBSS gives us more floor space to expand our apparel sections, and we are excited to soon be carrying not only denim and skate shoes but also a full youth section. Exciting brands are being brought in to add to the selection. There is a rental section to service the locals and the tourists alike that come to us for surf lessons or to borrow a board for the day. The shop features a lounge area with a foosball table, books, and magazines, and the couches are located with prime viewing of our indoor mini ramp!

We are thrilled to offer our loyal skate customers a local spot to skate, regardless of rain or shine. This is Ocean Beach’s first ever indoor skate park, and it is open to anyone and everyone during business hours. All you need is to sign a release waiver, and to wear protective gear at all times if you are under the age of 18.

“Being able to provide the OB Community- in particular, its youth- a safe spot to skateboard after school or on the weekends, is one of the most rewarding aspects of this expansion,” says Caldwell. “I love seeing how much fun the kids are having on the ramps and am very fortunate that I am able to offer this to them.”
Stay tuned for news and updates for the re-opening extravaganza at the new and improved shop!

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