Friday, July 15, 2011

Local Surf School Breaks the Barriers for Visually Impaired Students through the Enriching Experience of Surfing!

Ocean Experience Surf School and Braille Institute San Diego unite for the 11th annual surf camp for visually impaired students on Monday, July 18 – Wednesday, July 20, 2011. Located at Mission Point and South Mission Beach Jetty, this three-day surf camp truly breaks the barriers faced by Braille Institute students.
The focus of this program is to provide the visually impaired students, the opportunity to experience the joy and thrill of surfing. With a step-by-step surf skill progression and through the use of adaptive equipment, Braille Institute campers will explore all the fundamentals of surfing, including: balance training on the Indo Board, paddling progression, the "pop up", catching waves, water safety and oceanography.
"The lessons essentially bring together the adaptive skills we teach in our program," said Katie Wischmeyer, youth services manager at Braille Institute San Diego. "Knowing this, the instructors at Ocean Experience are great at ensuring all steps are done to make the surf camp accessible to our young surfers."
Through Ocean Experience’s surf training program, each camper walks away with a newfound sense of confidence. The quality instruction and use of adaptive equipment ensures success for all students, building a sense of accomplishment that in turn, builds self-assurance.
"Our young students love any activity that is both educational and fun," said Wischmeyer. "Couple that with this surf camp, and the resulting experience encompasses what we at Braille Institute wish for all our students: Independence."
In addition to surf camp, Braille Institute also offers various activities that continuously teach students how to adapt to a sighted world. Other events held annually are white-water rafting, camping and jet skiing. Braille Institute’s Car Rallye is also held every August where each student with brailled directions team up with a driver to navigate them to the finish line.


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