Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meet the Pros and Support Local School, Ocean Beach Elementary at the First Annual Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam!

Saturday, October 23, 2010, marks the date of the First Annual Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam at Robb Field Skate Park in Ocean Beach. Presented by Ocean Beach Surf & Skate, this philanthropic event will run from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and will help raise funds for local school, Ocean Beach Elementary, to combat the drastic budget cuts they face each year.
The 2010 Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam will be the inaugural occasion for what is hoped to be an annual event. Through this event, sponsors, Ocean Beach Surf & Skate, Habitat, Alien Workshop, Dizm Eyewear and SUPERbrand Apparel are giving back to the San Diego community by presenting skaters and fans of all ages with the opportunity to not only meet their role models and get their autographs, but to spend the day with them. Confirmed pro and am skaters include Tosh Townend, Marius Syvanen, Austyn Gillette, and Cano Cardenas, with many more expected.
“To be able to give back to not just the San Diego community, but more specifically the kids of Ocean Beach Elementary is fantastic,” says Cano Cardenas, am skateboarder for Habitat, Alien Workshop and Dizm Eyewear. “With the help and support of the companies and skaters, I hope to make a difference in these drastic budget cuts and keep school fun for the kids!”
The promotion of a healthy lifestyle through sports and extracurricular activities, such as skateboarding will also be a focus of the event, in hopes that they will keep kids in school and off the streets.
“Whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, art or music- it’s very important to all of us that kids have something to keep them motivated. We hope that through this event, not only skaters, but all children will be influenced to get involved in something that will inspire them to learn and grow,” explains Rodger Caldwell, owner of Ocean Beach Surf & Skate and Ocean Experience Surf School.
Located on the grass outside Robb Field Skate Park, the event will additionally feature vendor booths from sponsoring companies, an old fashioned BBQ, free product toss, Indo Board demos, an autograph booth and a raffle that will help raise funds for beneficiary, Ocean Beach Elementary.
This year alone, the San Diego Unified School District saw approximately $63 million in budget cuts, taking valuable dollars away from important programs such as the music and art departments. Next year, however, will be the worst in its history with a projected shortfall of $141.6 million as stated by district officials from the California Board of Education.
“Our art and music programs capture and engage all students, and are stepping stones to success for those who might struggle with academics and behavior,” explains Margaret Johnson, Principal of Ocean Beach Elementary.
The Ocean Beach Parent Teachers Association (PTA) has been left with the job to raise funds to facilitate these extreme cuts. Although the PTA’s primary goal is to provide various enrichment activities to students each year, strict rules declaring how the PTA can and cannot raise funds have made their jobs even harder.
“Ocean Beach (OB) nestles our school in an artistic and creative community. OB students have made tremendous academic gains as a result of the financial support of our involved community, PTA, and grants,” says Johnson.
To assist the PTA in their efforts, all proceeds from the Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam will be used towards Ocean Beach Elementary programs including the music and art instruction, academic enrichment activities like field trips and school assemblies, family entertainment such as the Spring Fling or movie nights, and any student recognition programs and awards. Event sponsors, Ocean Beach Surf & Skate, Habitat, Alien Workshop, Dizm Eyewear and SUPERbrand Apparel have also reached out to the local community collecting incredible prizes for the raffle such as skateboards, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, gift certificates and much more.
"The arts program creates a vibrant environment for learning, brings curriculum and culture alive as it provides outlets for children to imagine, create, dream and play,” Johnson states. “On a busy day at Ocean Beach Elementary, you'll find children dancing, painting, singing, and making music. When kids are learning to play musical keyboards, dancing, and acting in theater, they are focused, they're using the whole body, and their brains are making connections. There's a tremendous richness and joy the arts brings to learning.”

The First Annual Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam is FREE and open to the public. The event will be held outside of the skate park and will not be held responsible for anyone inside Robb Field Skate Park.
For more information about the Skate for the Kids event, please email Lanette Jorgensen, at LanetteJ@OBSurfSkate.com or call (619) 225-2317. For media inquiries during the event, please contact Cano Cardenas at canovision@gmail.com.

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