Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kickflipping Budget Cuts, One Shuv-it at a Time

Despite the rainy-day weather, skaters of all ages and abilities joined forces on October 23, 2010 to battle the budget cuts that local school, Ocean Beach Elementary faced this year. Located at Robb Field Skate Park, the inaugural Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam was a success and event organizer Ocean Beach Surf and Skate along with sponsors, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Dizm Eyewear, SUPERbrand Apparel, AERIAL7 and Boardwalk Ice Cream Co., couldn’t be happier.
"This was a great opportunity to have fun with the kids and give back to the community, all while raising money for a great cause," says owner of Ocean Beach Surf & Skate, Rodger Caldwell.
Pro and Am skaters including Tosh Townend, Cano Cardenas, Marius Syvanen and Austyn Gillette also came out to support the cause and spend the day with the kids.
"It was awesome to see how excited the kids were to not only meet their role models, but spend the day with them," recalls Ryan Collins, General Manager of Ocean Beach Surf & Skate.
With the help of event sponsors, the raffle alone raised over $1,000 and Boardwalk Ice Cream Co, raised over $200 in ice cream sales, all which was donated to Ocean Beach Elementary School. The donation will be used towards the school’s art and music programs, which due to drastic budget cut, are completely funded by PTA fundraising, gracious donors and special events such as the Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam.
Knowing that the battle of the budget cuts will be ongoing, Ocean Beach Surf & Skate and event sponsors were excited for the victory of this inaugural event and look forward to the 2nd Annual Skate for the Kids event next fall.
"I am so happy that the Skate for the Kids event was a success- in this economy, anything helps and to be able to give back to the kids of Ocean Beach is amazing," says Lanette Jorgensen, PR Director of Ocean Beach Surf & Skate. "We have seen a huge response from numerous organizations interested in joining the cause so we anticipate very big and exciting things for next year’s event."
Check out more pictures from the First Annual Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam at the Ocean Beach Surf and Skate Fan Page.

For more information about the First Annual Skate for the Kids BBQ and Skate Jam or to join the cause, contact Lanette Jorgensen at (619) 225-2317 or email

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